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AHA-Augmented Human Assistance


  • Starting date: 01/08/2014
  • Duration: 48 months
  • Principal Researcher from FMH: Maria Filomena Araújo da Costa Cruz Carnide

The AHA project (2014-2018) will develop a novel and modular set of ICT based solutions that, in isolation or integrated as a Robotic Assistance Platform, will address: Physical (re)training: Building on the existing expertise on Augmented Reality (AR) and serious games; Increasing self-awareness by monitoring of user state by means of biosensors, computer vision systems and exercise performance data.; and, the augmented assistance, including the above systems that will be integrated on a mobile robotic platform with indoor navigation capabilities (in environments such as senior houses and hospitals) that will interact through a virtual coach system to assist patients, provide reminders on tasks, guide patients through exercises, and support them in daily routines.


FCT – CMUP-ERI/HCI/0046/2013