H2020 ALHTOUR - Assisted living technologies for the health tourism sector


  • Starting date: 2016-01-01  
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Principal Investigator from FMH: Maria Filomena Araújo da Costa Cruz Carnide


This Project aims to strengthen and stimulate scientific excellence intechnologies for independent living and innovation capacity and technology/knowledgetransfer capacity, both in the University of Lisbon, in collaboration of the European consortium: University of Leuven (Belgium), University of Maastricht (Netherland) andUniversity of Macerata (Italy) with a specific focus on health tourism. It is expected to enhance the capacity to promote innovation and growth of the partners' respective territories in the Smart Specialization field tackled by the Project. The main field’s research objects of transfer are: Energy efficient buildings/housing; Independent living and built environments in the tourism health sector; improving care through assistive technologies and ICT; Legal issues and ethical framework, as transversal pillar. 

ref Twinning-692311


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  • National Biomechanics Day 2018

    No próximo dia 11 de abril, a Faculdade de Motricidade Humana abre as portas aos alunos do ensino secundário para lhes dar a conhecer a sua oferta formativa e o Laboratório de Biomecânica e Morfologia Funcional aproveita a iniciativa para celebrar também, pela segunda vez, o Dia Nacional da Biomecânica.

    NBD 2018


  • FMH - OpenDay

    The LBMF received 70 undergraduated students on the FMH OpenDay, on the 21st February 2018.

     FMH openday 21 02 2018