1- The long-term effect of abdominal strengthening exercise on female diastasis of rectus abdominis

Project Leader:Augusto Gil Pascoal

Project purposes:

  • To evaluate whether specific abdominal muscle training decreases prevalence of diastasis recti in primiparous women with and without diastasis at inclusion (mixed population);
  • To describe the effects of the different isometric contractions of the abdominal muscles on the IRD as well as to correlate changes on IRD with pelvic stabilization on post-partum women.


Pati US3      Pati US2




2- Diastasis of Rectus Abdominis in Male Well-Trained Population

Project Leader:Augusto Gil Pascoal

Project purposes:

  • to compare the diastasis of rectus abdominis of untrained men and nulliparous and postpartum primiparous women
  • to compare untrained and trained men to analyze the long-term effect of an intense abdominal exercises program in linea alba integrity and IRD width




3- Influence of physical activity level on women's gait and low back pain prevention during pregnancy and in the postpartum period

Project Leader:Rita Santos-Rocha

Project purposes:

  • To analyze prospectively the gait pattern (GP) and low back pain (LBP), in the different phases of pregnancy and postpartum, regarding the level of physical activity (PA).
  • To analyze the association between GP, LBP and PA





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  • National Biomechanics Day 2018

    No próximo dia 11 de abril, a Faculdade de Motricidade Humana abre as portas aos alunos do ensino secundário para lhes dar a conhecer a sua oferta formativa e o Laboratório de Biomecânica e Morfologia Funcional aproveita a iniciativa para celebrar também, pela segunda vez, o Dia Nacional da Biomecânica.

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