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Our team member, Ricardo Matias, was one of the "2014 Travel Award Winners" from the OpenSim call for proposals for the next year with the Pilot Project entitled "Reliable classification of shoulder dysfunction based on an accurate model of shoulder kinematics combined with standard motion-capture data". 


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  • Starting date: 01/02/2014
  • Duration: 12 meses
  • Principal Researcher: Maria Filomena Araújo da Costa Cruz Carnide
  • Funding: 47.075,00 €


  • Starting date: 01-02-2010.
  • Duration: 36 months.
  • Principal Researcher: António Prieto Veloso.
  • Main Scientific Area: Sport Studies
  • Funding: €151.800,00


  • Starting date: 01-02-2010.
  • Duration: 36 months.
  • Principal Researcher: Paulo Alexandre Silva Armada da Silva.
  • Main Scientific Area: Sport Studies
  • Funding: € 185.000,00


  • Starting date: 01-02-2010.
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Principal Researcher: Rita Alexandra Prior Falhas Santos-Rocha
  • Main Scientific Area: Sport Studies
  • Funding: € 94.000,00.